The meaning of self care

If you read the previous post, the beginner guide of self care,with the prompts with listing down our self care plan. Today brings you the definition. What does self care mean to us individually? The crux part of self care, the true meaning behind and what it has to do you personally. 

Take your power back

“I am worth it” try this affirmation. How does it feel? Empowered?  So do take care yourself. Most of the time we think our life is in other people’s hands, we are out of control, not able to function well. Only when we decide something is for our own good, we take back what belongs to us.

Listen to your body

When you are in silent breath, you’ll find the body trying to tell you something. All the while it has been there with you, giving the signal that we mostly ignore when we are busy. Only when we are in serious pain, we start realizing and sometimes too late. Self care helps us in calming ourselves and let the body tell you your sign.

Practice Forgiveness

Being mindful of the people we hold grudge on. When we have the time to journal, jotting down on our necessity then realise it is time to let go rather than hurting your own good. Letting go of the pain that the person probably does not even know you are angry till today, even if they do, when will you be ready to let go and refresh your life? 

Know your values

Being in today’s world, it sort of lost the meaning of life. Our facebook full with people wanting to commit suicide or hurting others for their own benefits. We question the meaning of born in the world. By doing little self care, you find your own meaning, you know what it is important, what are you here for.

Set your boundaries

Do we say yes to everything and hard to say NO to others? Even the simplest thing also needs to involve you because you feel obligated to do so. By a little self care, you’ll understand not everything needs to say Yes to. This is not a Yes Theory show. This is your life and you need to learn to say no. 

Mental health

“Our mind is pumping like 180km/hour. Stress….heart beat fast, why is things gone so wrong?! Angry! Frustrated! I am not good enough! F*uck it!! Argghhh!!!!” Has this ever happened in your mind? I bet yes. By taking care of yourself, your mind is able to relax, let us be connected to our 2 other brains – heart and gut. 

So what does self care to you?