Why we should write letter to ourselves

We used to write emails or messages to others. Have we ever written a letter to ourselves? Most of us, errr…you know the answer. Well, today you can try it on, take out your pen and paper and write to yourself. Here we venture to the reasons behind why we should be writing to past self and future self:


Dear Past Me,

Saying Thank you

Writing to the past is a way to say thank you to yourself. Thank you for being there when ____ ( all the good and bad experience) Thank you for the experience and lesson we learned throughout the time. How our past mistake has created a better version of us.

Healing your pain

By writing a letter to yourself, you are able to have a better picture of what is going on. Some of us may be bringing our childhood memories till today and not realise it. When we have clarity, we’ll be able to say “I love you” to your younger self and heal the past wound.

Seek for Forgiveness

We’ll sure promise ourselves a lot of things. Tomorrow I will ______ (self care, lose weight, earn $1million dollar, get A in exam, etc) and we f*ck ourselves up with all the excuses (I’ll do it tomorrow, oh! It’s raining, tomorrow still has time to revise). We have been disappointing ourselves. Write this letter, seek forgiveness on things you weren’t able to do and move on.


Dear Future Me,

Create your future

Where will you be in 2, 5, 8 or 10 years time? Who do you want to become? Write to your future self, telling where you want to be by then. It creates future goals and when time is due, refer back to the letter you wrote to yourself and see how much you’ve achieved.

Permission to success

We are always looking for other approval but do we ever ask approval to ourselves? Letter to self is to allow ourselves to seek permission to be successful. A letter telling ourselves to react to what we want instead of the other way. 

As a Reminder

Life can be hectic and our dreams may slip out of our minds. Writing a letter to the future serves as a reminder to bring back what is important to you. A prompt for us to evaluate if things have gone sideways or additional things that need to be changed.