What are short term goals?

A short term goal is a goal you can achieve in 12 months or less. The timeline could be today, this week, this month or even this year. It is basically anything that you would like to achieve within 12 months or less. 

So why is a short term goal important?


Short-term goals help you focus on the little step in achieving your bigger goal. When you minimize your big goals to a smaller step that you could take, it helps you feel less burden and more likely to achieve it. 


Short -term goals help in finding transparency in your goal. Having a long term goal may be the big picture, small goals help you to achieve it.


Comparing between long term goal VS short term goal, we are likely to be more committed with short term goal. The reason is that our mind when focusing on long-term goals and feeling the timeline is too far to achieve, we are likely to give up but with small goals, it helps build the momentum in getting to the big goals.

Combat Procrastination

If you have the habit of procrastinating, a short term goal can help you overcome it. It is because you have clarity, you know what to do, and feeling that you could start to take that mini step, chances are, you’ll do it. So what is your short term plan?

Instant Feedback

Is because in the short-term goal, you could evaluate the goal whether it suits you. You don’t need to wait years to realize what works and what’s not. Short term goals help you with that. Upon evaluation, you could tweak what works best for you.

Next course of action

Now that you know what’s work, what’s not. You probably are more objective and able to plan the next course of action that could help you achieve your big goal.


These are some of the categories you can look into when you create your short term goals:

  1. Health & Fitness
  2. Intellectual Life
  3. Emotional Life
  4. Character
  5. Spiritual Life
  6. Love Relationship
  7. Parenting
  8. Social Life
  9. Financial Life
  10. Career
  11. Quality of Life
  12. Life Vision