Tea time

Classic! Love this Moroccan Mint tea

Tea time

Ah….tea time. After whole day morning of house cleaning, time to sit down and have a tea, how blessed ❤

Relax Sunday

Time for some relaxation Magazine + tea = good life

A little bit of luxury

Learning online with a pot of tea! So calm & relaxing What else possible I be asking for…none! I love my life


Beautiful cup A design considering your thumb to hold firm, what a bliss!

Rainy day

What a good day to relax @ home… have a hot cup of tea & read. Gosh! I sure love my life!


Celebrating life….yummy yummy! Celebrate myself! Having my “me” time while enjoying the best!

Clearing Stuff

Morning breakfast, I sorted some of my teas from the kitchen. Only teas, I have 16 types! I never expect to have so much tea! I joking post on my fb & Instagram that I could open a tea shop. These tea, some are my purchase and some are given by my siblings or friends….