Organizing my stickers

My stickers getting more and more. Its getting harder to pick up all at one go. Time to organize! ðŸĪŠ I guess I am addictive to stickers, planners, journals, anything to do with stationaries.


What are you living for? For the yesterday that will never return? Or for the tomorrow that will never arrive? The only place you can be is the moment call now. Experience now.


It's weekend.... Take a moment to bless others who in need. For those who have not visit any Old Folk Home, try to bless your time with them. Their Sun - Fri waiting for Sat to be entertain by you. Normal day, they just sit for hours staring at wall. It's not your gifts they... Continue Reading →


Go to the market or walk next to the flower shop or buy a bunch flower for yourself. You deserved it! When was the last time you received flower or smell the flower? Valentine's Day? That like weeks before and some of us never even receive any flower. Today is the day.... Take a moment... Continue Reading →


"Angry with that idiot, angry with oneself for stupidity made, angry that the person doesn't give way, angry whenever I think about it, angry that I don't get it, angry that bla bla bla..." This sip into our brain like a virus. Some even say you are not allow to be angry because angry is... Continue Reading →


Great satisfaction comes from sharing with others Take a moment to share your thought or food or space. Your willingness to share create dopamine (happy chemical in brain) and naturally makes you feel happier

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