After whole day of shopping, time to have some relaxation Cheese cake & Sangria…yummy!

My kind of gem

As you might know I’m a book lover & I love to have more books but at the same time in mist of minimalism lifestyle which means I need to carefully select the book I bought back home so it won’t end up a) chuck aside – thinking that I will read later b) hoarding…

How I spent my rest day

Sleep, shopping, and….unleashed my creativity. On my rest day, I would just ZzzZzz. Its like binge sleeping. 🤣 Deprived from whole week insufficient and unresting sleep. On rest day….sleep!!! Have a time to creates my weekly planner too. Love the “me” time!

Clearing Stuff

Morning breakfast, I sorted some of my teas from the kitchen. Only teas, I have 16 types! I never expect to have so much tea! I joking post on my fb & Instagram that I could open a tea shop. These tea, some are my purchase and some are given by my siblings or friends….

Shopping Time

Last 2 blog is talking about trying to live with lesser stuff a.k.a minimalism + not spending $$$. Today however…. Ta da…. I went to my favorite place….Daiso ($2 shop) to check out if I could resist not to buy anything…..The picture taken from Tampines Daiso Doesn’t this just look astonish? Varieties of sticker/ post-it/book…

Attraction to buy

Looking at that picture, I am so tempted to subscribe to the monthly box. I am also a book lover and the whole box there just represent my lifestyle of book worm + with a mug which I can use it for tea or a cup of beverage while reading the book. A bag where…

Temptation to buy

I just want to rant something as I am on my journey to be a minimalist or at least with lesser “stuff” in my life. I remember when I first came back to Singapore back in 2013, I do not have much stuff. I moved into a rented room with 1 luggage bag and that…