A cute coin pouch which represent many of us 🤣🤣🤣


What your next year resolution??? Voting board by $$$ & Health seems the 1st priority but how many of us willing to take what it takes to achieve it?


I posted this months back and since I put that little sticker on my debit card, its a constant attention from the cashier. The cashier will have a glance of it and look at me 🤣 That how’s conversation strike about life! Hehe! You can try it too 😂


Who doesn’t like to spend??? I know I do, normally I’ll either withdraw cash from this ATM or swipe by NETS or Mastercard. I ask myself, what will remind me of my financial goal before I spend all my hard earn $$$ away? Ta da…..why don’t I put a reminder on what’s important & largest…


Different people different perspective, some are money, some are family, some are to be able “in the moment”. What’s yours?

What do you want?

As rude as it may sound, we always answer this when we being provoke but when come to own self, how many of us know what we really want? As human, naturally we are greedy, we want EVERYTHING!!! – money, career, family, relationship, bla bla bla… Yeah, I don’t mean you can’t get it all…

Enjoyed Saturday

I attended “Minimalism in Singapore” meet up yesterday. An inspiring sharing session among the “beginner” and those who already in the minimalism movement. What I learned from the session is that I do not need to limit myself on the items I owned. Some minimalist only limit to 100 items they owned. While for me,…