Keep it Simple

I was having a conversation with this auntie, she has this perspective that everyone steals from her house. The maid, the Bangla worker or whoever come to the house. (I guess she encountered 1 or 2 cases and put a stigma to every each of them) The recent incident where there are this 2 bottles... Continue Reading →

Happiness 2.0

Today we dive deeper into Happiness!!! Yesterday was a dim day since it spooky Halloween and I attended some talk talking about death. It was really spooky in the sense the activities was done with light off other than the candle and imagine there is a corpse in front of you, who would you imagine... Continue Reading →

This is a statement – My journals

This is a statement These are my 2018 journals. Only the 1st black journal which I paid for it, the other 2 is just free diary. Nothing fancy, looked plain. I don't need an expensive journal to just jot down my daily stuff 🙂 I noticed Singapore is good in giving free diary yearly and... Continue Reading →

Free Stuff Collector

Who doesn't love the word "FREE"!!!??? I know I do! Free: Cosmetic sample Recycle bag Cold Bag Plate Toothbrush Toothpaste Bag Ezlink card Waterbottle Towel Handtowel Cups Essential oil Post card Notepad Shipping (my favourite) The range of free items are way too many to classified. Sometime I even purchase product not because I need... Continue Reading →

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