Declutter & Getting Organised

If we started feeling annoyed, agitated, angry for no reason when we are at our own sweet home....Ah ah! that is the time to look at the environment. It is clutter with stuffs or dusty or unorganised? Managing Life Series today bring you to De-clutter and Getting Organized. The worksheet is a simple template (not... Continue Reading →


Look around, all that clutter used to be money. Your home is a living space, not a storage space. Remember your self worth is not based on the "stuffs" you own, your self worth is already inside you.


I posted this months back and since I put that little sticker on my debit card, its a constant attention from the cashier. The cashier will have a glance of it and look at me 🤣 That how's conversation strike about life! Hehe! You can try it too 😂

My kind of gem

As you might know I'm a book lover & I love to have more books but at the same time in mist of minimalism lifestyle which means I need to carefully select the book I bought back home so it won't end up a) chuck aside - thinking that I will read later b) hoarding... Continue Reading →

My spending mistake – Stationary

When it come to things I love......STATIONARY!!! - stickers, washi tape, paper clips, pens, color pen, marker, journals. I find it hard to resist. I know I should not be spending  much money on stationary but it is really difficult! Everything looks so beautiful, in style, modern. Just as an example: I actually bought this... Continue Reading →

Enjoyed Saturday

I attended "Minimalism in Singapore" meet up yesterday. An inspiring sharing session among the "beginner" and those who already in the minimalism movement. What I learned from the session is that I do not need to limit myself on the items I owned. Some minimalist only limit to 100 items they owned. While for me,... Continue Reading →

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