Ice cream

When you on diet 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 Fulfill your desire with super mini ice cream 😋


What your next year resolution??? Voting board by $$$ & Health seems the 1st priority but how many of us willing to take what it takes to achieve it?


It has been days since I last post anything, pretty pack with my on going NLP course. Well, this morning when I’m having breakfast with my partner, I went into self talk. I wonder how many of us do actually enjoy our food. I notice that, on that breakfast moment, I ate in rush and…

Morning routine

Ok, that not a ghost! It just me doing my brain dump this morning. I normally brain dump on my journal in the morning. What about you? Do you do journaling?


This morning when I woke up for a morning breeze, I noticed how many people are just like a walking zombie towards the mrt/bus stop. Only a few volunteer asking for donation who is so called “active”…early dawn! The rest are like dragging themself to work/school. Its Monday and Monday has a name called Monday…


This a little exercise given by my psychologist friend during his talk session…what do you feel like saying today? Close your eye & what the word/sentence that pop up?

Happiness to me!

Am I being happy today? Yeah, you beat! I attended Kikki.K mindful workshop & feeling great the whole day. Pretty calm, whats the different between self meditation and group meditation? The energy!

Clearing Stuff

Morning breakfast, I sorted some of my teas from the kitchen. Only teas, I have 16 types! I never expect to have so much tea! I joking post on my fb & Instagram that I could open a tea shop. These tea, some are my purchase and some are given by my siblings or friends….