No matter is self love or love for others.... Everything in life that MATTERS required LOVE

Cozy day

It's raining & I'm sure enjoy my life! Reading.... Gosh! I LOVE MY LIFE! It's a privilege that I have time for myself enjoy what I love to do ✌ Xoxo

Self dating

Im feeling content with dating myself 🤣 A lot of time we either constantly with people or just shut down ourself @ home, not want to go anywhere. Today I date myself, went to place I never go. Its my 1st time visit National Gallery Singapore & this table basically made history. Ignore what on... Continue Reading →

How I spent my rest day

Sleep, shopping, and....unleashed my creativity. On my rest day, I would just ZzzZzz. Its like binge sleeping. 🤣 Deprived from whole week insufficient and unresting sleep. On rest day....sleep!!! Have a time to creates my weekly planner too. Love the "me" time!

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