What makes you feel good?

Managing Life series today brought you "What makes you feel good? This worksheet is focus more on what activities that make you feel good instantly. Activities, hobbies, simple task that makes you feel good about yourself. Examples are:- Listening to music- A short walk- Shopping- Manicure- Massage- Eating dessert- Have a cup of tea- Exercising... Continue Reading →

Unplug 2.0

Yesterday I went completely off from the internet, due to my unstable internet connection when I am in Malaysia. I just came back a moment ago. Being unplug is sort off the best thing because I am able to focus on what going on with me. I always want to share more, I dream this... Continue Reading →

Cozy day

It's raining & I'm sure enjoy my life! Reading.... Gosh! I LOVE MY LIFE! It's a privilege that I have time for myself enjoy what I love to do ✌ Xoxo

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