No matter is self love or love for others.... Everything in life that MATTERS required LOVE

Little love

When was the last time you pat a dog? This is cute little temple dog - Siao Huang (Little Yellow) Own by a Thai temple. Free patting 😂😂😂 It just take a moment to give love and make your day 💖

Christmas Feelings

The feeling of Christmas is here.... Such a colorful candle White - Purity Yellow - Abundance Orange - Clarity Red - Love Blue - Peace Green - Wealth Purple - Wisdom May whom read this message be bless

Blessing to others

This suppose a gift for myself. 20bucks! Which I bought last night. But......this morning when I wake up, a voice asked me to bless a friend. I was thinking...."Crazy! I haven't even read and yet I'm suppose to bless someone with this book?!" The answer from universe: YES! Here goes my gift to bless someone... Continue Reading →

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