Responding to situation

Many times in our life, we are being throw into an unfamiliar, awkward, messed up situation. Do you flight or fight? How do you manage it? Today managing life series worksheets are more on simulation exercise if you encounter such situation. What would be your first thought, what would you do and what choice would…

Life Will

Everyday we trying to manage something and most of the time is about other people we’re managing – children, colleagues, bosses, teacher, spouse, parents, homework, work…lot’s more. Seriously, have you sit down and manage your own life’s will? Most of us probably have consulted a financial planner or attorney or not for a basic legal…


Trust As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live

Grateful what you have

Life is so fragile, appreciate what you have while you still alive Dun wait till the day you seated at your deathbed and start regreting about life

Meaningful foolscap

Love this foolscap paper cover Such a wonderful reminder about life 365 days of joy 12 months of satisfaction 52 weeks of love 8760 hours of happiness


Your life is not yesterday nor tomorrow. It is NOW! Your past has gone and your future is today

Dream Life

My Dream Life: Living my life meaningfully Leaving an impact in the world Travel the world Live in different countries Discover new passions Being love Quality time with loved ones A healthy body Brave for adventure have a business of my own Don’t need stuck at 9-5pm Financially free These are some of my dream…

Unplug 2.0

Yesterday I went completely off from the internet, due to my unstable internet connection when I am in Malaysia. I just came back a moment ago. Being unplug is sort off the best thing because I am able to focus on what going on with me. I always want to share more, I dream this…


A friend dad passed away suddenly, 2 years ago when I last met the uncle, he was okay, doesn’t look sick. He still cook chicken curry for us. Last night he passed peacefully without my friend knowing, last check on him, his body cold & no longer breathing. Life is so fragile I will be…