Just like the brick, learning consist of layering Layer by layer we build foundation Layer by layer we improve ourself Layer by layer construct a wall and 2nd wall, 3rd wall and slowly build up a solid house Take a moment to learn something interesting today

Plant your seed

This is an interesting notebook/journal. Once you finish using it, you can plant it into a plant, for this particular is a tomoto plant! There are seeds inside the book cover, just tear it off & plant into the soil & water. Interesting sustainability concept! You can get it from http://www.left-handesign.com


I'm not sure how many people who actually believe in past life/soul/ancestor/ghost but yesterday was an interesting day for me. My partner is a Feng Shui Master and sometime I'll tag around visiting client. Yesterday was the 1st time I saw this middle compass shake "profusely". The house we visit yesterday was a calming house,... Continue Reading →

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