How do you see yourself?

Seriously?! How do you see yourself? Perfectionist? Unlovable? Jealous? Demanding? Angry all the time? Guilty? No hope? Useless? On the outside, we show the world how strong we are, how prefect we may be, how loving other see us. Inside us….only we ourselves know. Today Managing Life series brought you this worksheet as to help…


Have you made peace with yourself? It’s important you’re having a relationship with your mind


Hope for the future lies in each of us looking within. By learning to feed your hunger, you can overcome the tempting illusions all around you. By discovering who you are, you can stop basing your self-image solely on other people’s ideas about you. By connecting to your inner strenght, you can stop cycling between…


This is kind of meditating! 😂 It basically means observe from our inner self. Example when we are angry, what causes we throw our temper? When we are sad, why we are sad?