Life Choice

Ops! Pick wrong choice when asked to choose…90% cocao….so so so bitter!!! Yet still enjoy a little luxury snack 😅 Just like life, pick a wrong route, still need to go through, can’t just U turn coz time can’t turn back, the only option is just go through and the bitter shall pass.


Hello peppermint, here I come get you 🏃‍♀️


When come to goal setting, many will just write and we work out for a week or 2 – seems not working, we just give up or slowly forgetting it and by year end, here come another cycle of “Resolution” This a vision board card to remind us what it is important to achieve our…

What you looking at?

Which direction your life moving to? A. FORWARD B. BACKWARD The past won’t return, tomorrow yet to come, NOW is all you got.


Reverse affirmation is questioning Sometime we need to ask ourself this question


What a cute sponge holder! Feel zen while you dish washing 🤣😂


Morning surprise on bed 😍 When have you last surprise someone? Share your’s 😉

Asking for help

When it come to asking for help, sometime it really hard to open our mouth just to say what we need. There are many assumptions we gave our self from “people wouldn’t like it”, ” they are busy”, ” I am being a burden”, “Owning a favor” to “If I ask for help, then I…

Overcoming Communication Barriers

Today Managing Life bring you to visualize some barriers when it come to communicating. I am sure some of us may encounter some of the barriers mentioned in the worksheet, how do you actually deal with it so both, you and the other party get the right message? This worksheet are more like common sense…