Rare Nature Opportunity

Its is so rare to see a beautiful colorful bird! Gosh! Love this moment! Just incase you dont see it, look below pic.


“Appreciate can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary” – Margaret Cousins


No matter is self love or love for others…. Everything in life that MATTERS required LOVE


Good morning! 😊 Have you spare sometime for yourself?

Day 1: Reverse Bucket List

What is Reverse Bucket List? Normally, bucket list is the thing we want to do or wish to do in the future and reverse bucket list is the direct opposite which means listing out things where you already accomplished/achieved/learned/milestones/lesson learned. Most of us, living our life drifting along and seems life is so boring, no…

A little bit of luxury

Learning online with a pot of tea! So calm & relaxing What else possible I be asking for…none! I love my life

My kind of gem

As you might know I’m a book lover & I love to have more books but at the same time in mist of minimalism lifestyle which means I need to carefully select the book I bought back home so it won’t end up a) chuck aside – thinking that I will read later b) hoarding…