Grateful what you have

Life is so fragile, appreciate what you have while you still alive Dun wait till the day you seated at your deathbed and start regreting about life


Today is 1 of those days when I totally forgotten about bring purse out, no $$$ on hand and still thankful that the transport card sufficient $$$ to buy breakfast! I’m just feeling thankful!

Shinning Bright

Good morning! What a lovely shinny morning! I’m grateful to be alive! What about you?


Good morning! 😊 Have you spare sometime for yourself?

A little bit of luxury

Learning online with a pot of tea! So calm & relaxing What else possible I be asking for…none! I love my life


It’s a rainy day & still raining till now Those are some Foreign Worker who work in Singapore, they have no choice but to walk back to their hostel due to traffic jam crossing to Malaysia Jam cars, lorry, buses who want to cross border between Malaysia & Singapore making it impossible for their transporter…


This morning when I woke up for a morning breeze, I noticed how many people are just like a walking zombie towards the mrt/bus stop. Only a few volunteer asking for donation who is so called “active”…early dawn! The rest are like dragging themself to work/school. Its Monday and Monday has a name called Monday…