Day 6: Courage

Day 6 of Self Discovery Now you have a complete package....5 in 1 - bucket list, sweet spot, role models, limiting belief and action plan. Today add on another element: Courage. This is the shifting point for you. Make an Announcement List out and announce to the entire world your goal/plan/intention/outcome. #takeamoment365. Some may jaw... Continue Reading →

Day 5: Action Plan

Day 5 of Self Discovery Today is on an action plan, by now, you are clearer on what you want more on your bucket list, the idea of your sweet spot, who are your role models and what beliefs are holding you back. If you not done so, I encourage you to go back to... Continue Reading →


What your next year resolution??? Voting board by $$$ & Health seems the 1st priority but how many of us willing to take what it takes to achieve it?

Time Lesson

How much time do you think you have? Most of us think time stop for us, looking at the time thinking..."oh my, when this meeting/class going to finish?" "Ah, nevermind, I got plenty of time, I'll do it later" & it seems time passed so slow. Not when we start seeing the overall, try that... Continue Reading →

What do you want?

As rude as it may sound, we always answer this when we being provoke but when come to own self, how many of us know what we really want? As human, naturally we are greedy, we want EVERYTHING!!! - money, career, family, relationship, bla bla bla... Yeah, I don't mean you can't get it all... Continue Reading →

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