I do sometime! No matter how organized I am, there are sure something I neglecting off. That’s human nature no one could escape. The lesson I learned – don’t be to hard to ourself when thing don’t work out, it is meant to be that way so we could work something out of it. Nothing…

How do you see yourself?

Seriously?! How do you see yourself? Perfectionist? Unlovable? Jealous? Demanding? Angry all the time? Guilty? No hope? Useless? On the outside, we show the world how strong we are, how prefect we may be, how loving other see us. Inside us….only we ourselves know. Today Managing Life series brought you this worksheet as to help…

West Coast Park

This my 1st time @ West Coast Park even I’ve been living in S’pore for more than a decade ðŸĪŠ Im here just relaxing myself with the sea breeze. This is place is out of my expectation, thought it would be sandy beach, instead I found road & rock 😑 Well, I still enjoy the…

Hot feet soak

P/s Sorry for the raw picture! That my feet 😄 After whole day meeting other people expectation, time for my own expectation. Hot water feet soak That is an expired tea bag, just incase anyone wondering.


Seriously who’s expectation am I living with? The expectation of the society,husband/wife, parents, acquaintance, bosses or friends or myself? Are you happy living with their expectation on you? Are they shaping you to become a better person or you live in misery because of these expectations?