The hardship of being a woman, 1 hand trying to eat, another part trying to coax the baby to stay calm.


The purpose of this life is not to get to the end; it is now. It is to feel what is within. It is to enjoy every fractional moment. Live this moment, every moment. – Prem Rawat


When was the last time you play??? Most of us busy being an adult, work work work, study study study, earn $$ earn $$ earn $$, neglecting ourself. It’s Sunday…time to have a break


It has been days since I last post anything, pretty pack with my on going NLP course. Well, this morning when I’m having breakfast with my partner, I went into self talk. I wonder how many of us do actually enjoy our food. I notice that, on that breakfast moment, I ate in rush and…

Cozy day

It’s raining & I’m sure enjoy my life! Reading…. Gosh! I LOVE MY LIFE! It’s a privilege that I have time for myself enjoy what I love to do ✌ Xoxo


Celebrating life….yummy yummy! Celebrate myself! Having my “me” time while enjoying the best!

I enjoy….

IKEA!!! Love the ambience here, so hommie!