Cool looking dream bracelet! Gosh! Love this! Remember to dream, without dream life would be misery

Kikki.K Dream Life

Yeah!!! Never expected it available in library! Really love my life 😘😘😘

Update in progress

For days I never post, I was busy updating this website – http://www.takeamoment365.com & since I’m not an IT savvy person, it took me days to figure it out. I met few people who gave me ideas on my page. I never realized how messy it is and they could not figure out what the…

Dream Life

My Dream Life: Living my life meaningfully Leaving an impact in the world Travel the world Live in different countries Discover new passions Being love Quality time with loved ones A healthy body Brave for adventure have a business of my own Don’t need stuck at 9-5pm Financially free These are some of my dream…