Cool looking dream bracelet! Gosh! Love this! Remember to dream, without dream life would be misery

Kikki.K Dream Life

Yeah!!! Never expected it available in library! Really love my life 😘😘😘

Dream Life

My Dream Life: Living my life meaningfully Leaving an impact in the world Travel the world Live in different countries Discover new passions Being love Quality time with loved ones A healthy body Brave for adventure have a business of my own Don’t need stuck at 9-5pm Financially free These are some of my dream…


Yesterday I attended my partner workshop & during this workshop, there is this exercise where we are given 15 minutes to reflect on the topic displayed on screen….it turn out to be “I should” Basically like any typical person, I just write whatever I knew, there’s my list: From should “be” to “do”….I listed down…


Since you know who the person ruining your life, what would you do? What are the possibilities when you are brave to do 1 step ahead, not asking you to run marathon, just 1 step, what are the possibilities? That’s something to look forward to….

What do you want?

As rude as it may sound, we always answer this when we being provoke but when come to own self, how many of us know what we really want? As human, naturally we are greedy, we want EVERYTHING!!! – money, career, family, relationship, bla bla bla… Yeah, I don’t mean you can’t get it all…