Declutter & Getting Organised

If we started feeling annoyed, agitated, angry for no reason when we are at our own sweet home….Ah ah! that is the time to look at the environment. It is clutter with stuffs or dusty or unorganised? Managing Life Series today bring you to De-clutter and Getting Organized. The worksheet is a simple template (not…


Look around, all that clutter used to be money. Your home is a living space, not a storage space. Remember your self worth is not based on the “stuffs” you own, your self worth is already inside you.

Travel souvenir

Girls normally come back from travel with souvenir, cloths, makeup, jewellery….mine are plenty of books & washi tape 🤣🤣🤣 I promise myself that I’m going to finish this within 3 months or else, all donate out. Reason: De-clutter!


Little dirty secret – my partner is a stuff hoarder, whatever come in, never out so you could imagine the amount of stuffs in his room especially stationaries, books & paper. He even have pencil lead from the 1980’s! Can you imagine that?! He gave meaning to all his stuffs & he hold dearly to…

Happy me!

Its not prefect but at least I cleared all the messy book & have a space for me to do my journaling this morning Happy me!😊

Hello October

When you wake up with such scene on your table, what your 1st reaction? Monday joke 🤣 welcoming the 1st day of October

20 bucks

Im not going to lie, I’m guilty as charged. Lot of my stuffs which I bought because it is cheap and off course, not able to resell for $20 or more. For a stationary lover like me, stationaries will never be too many even Im fully aware I only have 1 pair of hand and…