Breathe…you are still alive!


You can’t control everything Just stop and breath, you’ll be okay Life goes on

Relax Sunday

Time for some relaxation Magazine + tea = good life


Its weekend & Im dating with my beloved magazine…ah..just feels great! Relax, enjoy & read I’ve been binging reading for 2 days on the row šŸ¤£

My spending mistake – Stationary

When it come to things I love……STATIONARY!!! – stickers, washi tape, paper clips, pens, color pen, marker, journals. I find it hard to resist. I know I should not be spendingĀ  much money on stationary but it is really difficult! Everything looks so beautiful, in style, modern. Just as an example: I actually bought this…

Traffic jam

A moment where none of us like it! Stuck @ traffic jam!!! Is also a moment of pause with anger/frustration Take a few deep breathe & stay calm. The aim is to reach destination safely.