What your next year resolution??? Voting board by $$$ & Health seems the 1st priority but how many of us willing to take what it takes to achieve it?

Plant your seed

This is an interesting notebook/journal. Once you finish using it, you can plant it into a plant, for this particular is a tomoto plant! There are seeds inside the book cover, just tear it off & plant into the soil & water. Interesting sustainability concept! You can get it from

Travel souvenir

Girls normally come back from travel with souvenir, cloths, makeup, jewellery....mine are plenty of books & washi tape 🤣🤣🤣 I promise myself that I'm going to finish this within 3 months or else, all donate out. Reason: De-clutter!

The Minimalist Book

Im kind of enjoy reading this book "Minimalists don't focus on having less,less,less. Rather, we focus on making room for more, more, more: more time, more passion, more experience,more growth, more contribution, more contentment - and more freedom" quoted from this book Still half way through reading this book

Blessing to others

This suppose a gift for myself. 20bucks! Which I bought last night. But......this morning when I wake up, a voice asked me to bless a friend. I was thinking...."Crazy! I haven't even read and yet I'm suppose to bless someone with this book?!" The answer from universe: YES! Here goes my gift to bless someone... Continue Reading →

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