Helping others helps you too. From a young age, we are being told to be generous. Share your toy, share your food, donate to others, and be kind to people. The message of “you reap what you sow” is always the point of teaching, even after we grow up, the message seems to have been implanted in us.

Here are some benefits of being generous:

Make friends

Generosity helps in making friends, try it on. It impacts your social life and people are more likely to return a favor when you need it.

Instant motivation boost

Do you ever donate to others? How does that feel? Good? You get to feel motivated to do more because it feels good.

More relax

Imagine a person that keeps receiving and never giving out, wouldn’t that person be overwhelmed? Generous people, on the other hand, give out and they tend to be calmer.

Willing to work hard

Generous people tend to have a sense of purpose. A purpose that helps them work hard knowing others need their help.

Better relationship

If you “give and take” all the time, not being particular anal of every single detail. Chances are you have a better relationship with people.

Satisfactigenerouson in life

Being highly generous reported they are satisfied in life. They are grateful for everything and the ability to give out, which makes it better.

Positive outlook

When you are happy, your outlook looks stunning too. Simply because you believe what you do, matters!


People who give normally seem like they always get luckier or blessing. The blessing may just appear out of nowhere and out of expectation.