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The art of life is to live in the present moment

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Some people breeze through life, rarely thrown off course no matter what hits them, others flounder at every turn, weighted down by life’s challenges. Most are somewhere between the two, minds preoccupied with the minutiae of the everyday demand, leaving little room for personal reflection.

Take A Moment 365 was created to bring you back to present, allowing oneself time to stop and connect with your own self through journaling. We believe that self expression is essential to one’s mental wellbeing.

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Journal Paper: Let’s talk about paper

Journal Paper: Let’s talk about paper

https://youtu.be/h_U3wBx_8cc Paper Basic 101 Journal Paper: Let's talk about paper Let start with the common types of paper easily found in the market for journals Blank Paper - Like your photocopy papers Ruled Paper - Found easily in notebook/ A4 school pad Dotted...

15 Benefits of Journaling

15 Benefits of Journaling

Healing - Heal from the internal wound that may have been hurting you for a while Enhance your sense of well-being - The ability to release, helps in improving your overall health Reduce symptoms of depression - Expressing out enable you to reduce the symptoms of...

Different Types of Journals and Writing Techniques

Different Types of Journals and Writing Techniques

Different types of Journal Personal Journal - Write on the details of the day, the feeling and emotions that happened throughout the day Gratitude Journal - Your journal focus on counting your blessing and feeling thankful Goal Focus Journal - Be your own...

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