What your next year resolution??? Voting board by $$$ & Health seems the 1st priority but how many of us willing to take what it takes to achieve it?


Your life is not yesterday nor tomorrow. It is NOW! Your past has gone and your future is today

Little love

When was the last time you pat a dog? This is cute little temple dog - Siao Huang (Little Yellow) Own by a Thai temple. Free patting 😂😂😂 It just take a moment to give love and make your day 💖


When we face problem, 1st thing to do is NOT TO LIE TO OURSELVES! Most of us will be on denial state "Oh it will get better", "Tomorrow will be better". We choose to lie to ourselves with the crap and with more positive quote "Something will come along", "Something will change", "Everything will be... Continue Reading →

Nail it

Im ready to party!!! Thanks to my partner coloring my finger nail..hmm..look alike sand paper 🤣 but its okay 🤩

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