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The art of life is to live in the present moment

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Some people breeze through life, rarely thrown off course no matter what hits them, others flounder at every turn, weighted down by life’s challenges. Most are somewhere between the two, minds preoccupied with the minutiae of the everyday demand, leaving little room for personal reflection.

Take A Moment 365 was created to bring you back to present, allowing oneself time to stop and connect with your own self through journaling. We believe that self expression is essential to one’s mental wellbeing.

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Reasons To Be Generous

Reasons To Be Generous

Helping others helps you too. From a young age, we are being told to be generous. Share your toy, share your food, donate to others, and be kind to people. The message of “you reap what you sow” is always the point of teaching, even after we grow up, the message seems...

The Power of Affirmation

The Power of Affirmation

Some say it works, some say “don’t waste your time”, so does affirmation really work? The answer is depending on you. Not because the affirmation is not powerful nor crafty enough but because you need to make it happen using your 5 senses. Benefits of affirmation...

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