Happiness 2.0

Today we dive deeper into Happiness!!! Yesterday was a dim day since it spooky Halloween and I attended some talk talking about death. It was really spooky in the sense the activities was done with light off other than the candle and imagine there is a corpse in front of you, who would you imagine... Continue Reading →


This post not meant to scare you since tonight is Halloween night. I just attend the most interesting talk about "Death". Not many dare to lie down and experience "death" but those who did got a phenomena experience. As for me, what I learned from this session is a sense of relief from anger. I... Continue Reading →


Wow! 1st time I see a chromotherapy bed. The doctor said - people fall asleep within 2 minutes & its good for those with jetlag. It sound fun! 🤣 with chakra light


Happiness. It is crucial as a human being to be happy. Most of us stuck in a situation neither here nor there, well, the ultimate question, are you happy with it? If you are happy with it, rejoice and keep going. If you not happy, here I created a work sheet for you to rediscover... Continue Reading →


Time for some relaxation writing, reflecting on today I was in a sharing session today and a couple share an interesting journey from adultery to divorce and back together, what a roller-coaster for them. For them to share their stories in front of people for me is truly brave. It's not easy to admit to... Continue Reading →

Travel souvenir

Girls normally come back from travel with souvenir, cloths, makeup, jewellery....mine are plenty of books & washi tape 🤣🤣🤣 I promise myself that I'm going to finish this within 3 months or else, all donate out. Reason: De-clutter!

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