How to create your ideal day

Wish that one day everything goes according to what you plan rather than being pushed to circumstances. Now is the time to do so. Here are some ways how you can create your ideal day:

Journal it out
Make a list on how you want your day to look like. How does it look, feel, smell, sound and taste like? Listing down everything even you might think – “uh, I don’t have time for this!”. Be creative, listing it out in point form your ideal day from morning to evening.

Sort it out
From the list you had, priorities which are more important. Sort it out by ranking it 1 – 10. Classified them to “Daily”, “Weekly”, “Monthly” and “Good to have”. Remember to put some self care activities for yourself, not just taking care of others’ needs. 

Now that you have a list of your ideal day. Try to create a vision board where you can see it everyday. It can be hand drawn,  printed, with graphics or just plan writing. Everyday takes like 5 minutes to imagine, feel, smell, sound, taste what your ideal day looks like.

Start Button
The most crucial part of all the steps is “START”. We enjoy the listing out, sorting out or even vision board but when it comes to doing it. We’ll tell our mind – “tomorrow”, that “tomorrow” never seems to come. Start the small step toward getting into your ideal life. Be committed and consistent.

Reset Button
Not everything you want at the point of creating the plan is something that you really want. No worries. Reset/ wipe it out. If the item in the list is no longer important as you first thought it is, it’s time to exchange a new one or just cross it away.

Be Gentle
When you feel that thing getting nowhere. Be gentle with yourself. No rushing through, ideal life is not instant like instant coffee. Take some time, enjoy the journey. Forgive yourself and recommit when things go sideways.

Set a habit
Create a tracking system to track your progress. Jot it down in a bullet journal or planner to track your achievements. There are a lot of samples available in Pinterest or IG. Get some ideas and create your own habit tracker.

Once in a while, revisit the journal you have written on when you first craft your ideal day, even if you have the vision board. Revisiting your own memory brings you back to your “Why” in the first place. Why do you want your ideal life look,feel, smell, sound, taste this way? How far have you come from the first craft till today. 

That’s all the little tips on how to create your ideal day. I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for reading!

Get your Ideal day Journal Prompt in the next blog.