What are you living for? For the yesterday that will never return? Or for the tomorrow that will never arrive? The only place you can be is the moment call now. Experience now.


It's Monday, most of us still having the uneasy feeling. Most of us won't be waking up on Monday, feeling refresh, eager to school or work. We woke up biting our tougue, wishing for some spare time so we could continue our dream land We then carry around our "uneasiness" throughout the day, that why... Continue Reading →


It sunny day and super shinny morning. Take a moment to feel the sun shinning on you, receive the vibrant energy.


Hope for the future lies in each of us looking within. By learning to feed your hunger, you can overcome the tempting illusions all around you. By discovering who you are, you can stop basing your self-image solely on other people's ideas about you. By connecting to your inner strenght, you can stop cycling between... Continue Reading →

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