Day 3: Role Model

Day 3 of Self Discovery What a beautiful role model on top of the picture but that's not the role model on today's topic. Today's topic is to look at our role models in our life. Who we look up to. When we are young, who you wanted the most attention from, mum or dad?... Continue Reading →

Keep it Simple

I was having a conversation with this auntie, she has this perspective that everyone steals from her house. The maid, the Bangla worker or whoever come to the house. (I guess she encountered 1 or 2 cases and put a stigma to every each of them) The recent incident where there are this 2 bottles... Continue Reading →

Book reading

Got to say - I love this book...manga version...easy to read & understand. Comic make it simplier to read, not full with jargon words


Little dirty secret - my partner is a stuff hoarder, whatever come in, never out so you could imagine the amount of stuffs in his room especially stationaries, books & paper. He even have pencil lead from the 1980's! Can you imagine that?! He gave meaning to all his stuffs & he hold dearly to... Continue Reading →

The Minimalist Book

Im kind of enjoy reading this book "Minimalists don't focus on having less,less,less. Rather, we focus on making room for more, more, more: more time, more passion, more experience,more growth, more contribution, more contentment - and more freedom" quoted from this book Still half way through reading this book


Who doesn't like to spend??? I know I do, normally I'll either withdraw cash from this ATM or swipe by NETS or Mastercard. I ask myself, what will remind me of my financial goal before I spend all my hard earn $$$ away? Ta da.....why don't I put a reminder on what's important & largest... Continue Reading →

Clearing Stuff

Morning breakfast, I sorted some of my teas from the kitchen. Only teas, I have 16 types! I never expect to have so much tea! I joking post on my fb & Instagram that I could open a tea shop. These tea, some are my purchase and some are given by my siblings or friends.... Continue Reading →

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