I am

"So whatever follows "I am" will eventually find you" - Oprah Many time we invite something into our life without realizing we invited it, just example "I am tired", "I am stress!!!" ,"I am afraid..." Why don't we re-evaluate, re-considering, re-thinking, re-frame, re-organize, all these beliefs into something that shows our identity, show how we... Continue Reading →

Happiness 2.0

Today we dive deeper into Happiness!!! Yesterday was a dim day since it spooky Halloween and I attended some talk talking about death. It was really spooky in the sense the activities was done with light off other than the candle and imagine there is a corpse in front of you, who would you imagine... Continue Reading →


Happiness. It is crucial as a human being to be happy. Most of us stuck in a situation neither here nor there, well, the ultimate question, are you happy with it? If you are happy with it, rejoice and keep going. If you not happy, here I created a work sheet for you to rediscover... Continue Reading →

Dream Life

My Dream Life: Living my life meaningfully Leaving an impact in the world Travel the world Live in different countries Discover new passions Being love Quality time with loved ones A healthy body Brave for adventure have a business of my own Don't need stuck at 9-5pm Financially free These are some of my dream... Continue Reading →

Time Lesson

How much time do you think you have? Most of us think time stop for us, looking at the time thinking..."oh my, when this meeting/class going to finish?" "Ah, nevermind, I got plenty of time, I'll do it later" & it seems time passed so slow. Not when we start seeing the overall, try that... Continue Reading →


Yesterday I attended my partner workshop & during this workshop, there is this exercise where we are given 15 minutes to reflect on the topic displayed on screen....it turn out to be "I should" Basically like any typical person, I just write whatever I knew, there's my list: From should "be" to "do"....I listed down... Continue Reading →

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