“Silence is a source of great strength”—Lao Tzu


How often do we take time to sit and enjoy silence? With today’s technology, we hardly would sit still. Switching media from tv, youtube, podcast, instant messaging occupied our mind. If these start to be boring, we turn to “doing”- housekeeping, shopping, meeting friends. When was the last time you sat and did nothing? Hardly….

This is why today’s topic is to bring you the benefits of being silent.

Brain growth

According to a brain structure and function study in 2013, they found that silence stimulates brain growth. A minimum of 2 hours of silence could result in creating a new brain cell in the area of our brains linked to learning and recall.

Feel calmer

Studies also showed that people who consistently spend time in silence tend to be calmer. One will be less influenced by negative emotion or receptive to negative thinking. When one is in a state of calmness, you notice your surroundings more.

Relieve Stress

Noise is one of the factors that causes stress. Working in a loud environment probably causes you more stress. A study says being silent for just 2 minutes can relieve tension. You can try that on.

Gateway to creativity

Studies have shown that when you are in a state of silence, you will engage more with your mind. You tend to talk to yourself, answering the question that you ask and as a result, you tap into your creativity.

Being patience

When you are in peace with yourself, you tend to have more patience. You know you gave yourself “me time” and when things go sideways, instead of being you used to be brushing through or being angry, you simply relax and fix it.

Uncover your purpose

Most people do not know what they want. They know what they don’t want but unsure what they want and often distracted with the current trend. When you are silent, you are able to listen to your inner voice and uncover your real purpose.