Christmas Feelings

The feeling of Christmas is here.... Such a colorful candle White - Purity Yellow - Abundance Orange - Clarity Red - Love Blue - Peace Green - Wealth Purple - Wisdom May whom read this message be bless


It has been days since I last post anything, pretty pack with my on going NLP course. Well, this morning when I'm having breakfast with my partner, I went into self talk. I wonder how many of us do actually enjoy our food. I notice that, on that breakfast moment, I ate in rush and... Continue Reading →

NLP Course

Just finished my 2nd day of NLP Practioner Course 16 days more to go Yup, you read it right...16 more days to go. Im on the longest NLP Practioner course in Singapore! 18 days in total, the 1st and only longest practioner course I ever knew by All In The Mind - Lindley Craig

I learned

According to Psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus: 24 hours after learning something we forget two-thirds of it. Last week, I went for 2 workshops, 3 to be exact but the 3rd one, I completely forgot what I learned..haha..that why I try to write it down here as much as I could on what I learned a.k.a remember... Continue Reading →


The best workday of my life...sitting @ patio with coffee & laptop Life is good ✌ Where you spend your workday?

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