We look at others fully confident and wish to be like them too. You can!

Here are some ways to help you boost your body confident:


Dressing Well 

You heard of wear to success, this same principle, it’s wise to dress for your shape and clothes you like. Dressing up makes you feel good about yourself and thus lift up your confidence. Wear nice clothes, walk out and show your body. That’s right, babe!


Change the conversation

The internal conversation normally is critics of oneself. Try to shift your internal dialogue, say something nice about yourself. Replace the negative dialogue to a positive. Look at the mirror and start saying good things about yourself.


Stop comparing yourself with others

Scrolling aimless on your Facebook or Instagram comparing yourself with friends or social media influencers with their body shape, that would only making yourself depressed. Switch off the social media and stop comparing. You’ll feel way better.


Adopt an affirmation

Find a positive affirmation and repeat it to yourself every day to remind how amazing you are. Use your 5 senses to totally immerse with your affirmation, over time, these affirmations eventually be in your belief system.


Find a workout you love

We all know exercise creates endorphins (happy hormones), so find a workout you love, it could be just a 15 minutes walk at the neighborhood or dancing. Anything that you love, just pick up one and low esteem would not be able to visit you.


Practice Self Care

The more tender love and taking care of yourself, the more likely you’ll move in the direction of self-improvement. Schedule “me time” to take yourself to a solo date, going for a spa or just doing nothing. Doing nothing spark creativity.