5 ways to increase your Influence

1. Be charismatic
” People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you make them feel” Maya Angelou
Just being charismatic makes others feel good and increases your influence. Just an example, you go for a wet market and all the vegetable stall selling vegetable, same vegetable, but you particular pick one of the stall. Why is that so? probably the same reason how the seller environment or seller makes you feel.

2. Use your body language
In NLP term, it is called modeling. Basically, you model the other person – body language. It a tool that helps the other party feel similar and connected. Next time you out at the store, try out yourself. Try on model the other person by the way they sit, drink or smile to you and eventually they feel like “you know them”.

3. Tell a story
Everybody love stories, when people hear stories, their brain somehow in sync with the storyteller. Stories can stimulate the other person’s brain and as an effect you get that person on your side. Do make sure your story is interesting, not your mundane detail of how you spend your day.

4. Ask question
Be engaging by asking questions. Ask open questions like “how do you find this seminar?” instead of asking a close question “Do you find this seminar boring?”. The moment people start talking about themselves, that makes them feel you are interested in them. This builds rapport and trust, thus you are perceived as being influential.

5. Be vulnerable
Being open about your emotions increases your influence. Some people go for the networking session putting a “mask” to shield their vulnerability. If you could show your vulnerability, people are likely to be better relate to you and be open up to you too.