Paper Basic 101
Let’s talk about paper

Paper Size

They are many different sizes of paper in the market and most commonly found in the stationaries retailer:

  • A3 (Printing paper)
  • A4 (Commonly use)
  • A5 (Regular Notebook size)
  • A6 (Postcard size)
  • A7 (Name card)
  • B5 (Notebook)
  • C4 (Envelope)
  • C5 (Envelope)
  • C6 (Envelope)

Loose Leaf Binder

Commonly found in the stationery retailer:
2 holes (file)
6 holes (planner)
20 holes (planner)

Paper Finishing

Perfect Binding

Screw Post Binding

Saddle Binding

Thread Binding

Wire- O Binding