Paper Basic 101
Journal Paper: Let’s talk about paper

Let start with the common types of paper easily found in the market for journals

blank paper

Blank Paper – Like your photocopy papers

ruled paper

Ruled Paper – Found easily in notebook/ A4 school pad

Dotted paper

Dotted Paper – Bullet Journal

Grid Paper

Grid Paper – Bullet Journal or Graph Paper

Art Paper

Art Paper – Sketchbook

Planner Insert

Pre-printed – Printed Inserts

Quality of Papers

Types of paper quality:
1) Smooth
2) Texture

Common Paper Color:


Paper Materials:

Art Paper
Simili Paper
Art Card
Conqueror Paper
Fine Card
NCR & Bond Paper
Colour Paper

Weight of paper range:

50gsm – used in NCR/Bond booklet
70 gsm & 80 gsm – most commonly used paper in the market
100gsm& 120gsm – slightly thicker for card making
160 gsm – to avoid bleeding especially applying watercolor
200 gsm & 300gsm – normally use for art sketches