Different types of Journal

Personal Journal – Write on the details of the day, the feeling and emotions that happened throughout the day
Gratitude Journal – Your journal focus on counting your blessing and feeling thankful
Goal Focus Journal – Be your own accountability partner and keeping track with your goal
Reflection Journal – Brings you back to the past or current feeling that may be bugging you and review on it
Idea journal – Scribble your ideas
Dream Journal – A place where you jot down your dream

Other types of the journal:
– Food Journal
– Travel Journal
– Art Journal
– Junk Journal
– Prayer Journal
– Pregnancy Journal

Writing Techniques – 10 Different techniques

List – Jot everything in bullet point
Captured Moment – Write the sensations of a particularly meaningful or emotional experience
Mind Mapping – Tracing back the root cause and ways for improvement
Sprint Writing – Setting 10 minutes in writing without stop, even during stuck, just repeat the words ahead until new idea pop up
Dialogue – Metaphoric conversation written with ownself negotiating an outcome
Sentence Stem – Complete a sentence. ” Right now I feel……..”
Doodling – Express through drawing
Art piece – Some emotion are not able to express in words, use color to represent and create an art
Perspective – Including 3rd parties viewpoint in analyzing the situation. NLP Terms: Perceptual Positions
Inventory – Write in accordance to categories Eg. Family, Health, Finance, Home, Work