Should I write in the Morning or Evening?

Depends on the writer preference:
Morning: the mind is fresh to start the day
Evening: as a reflection of the day
Some prefer to do both

How long does it take to journal?

It will depend on your schedule, there is no fixed time, as starting:
Set aside 15 – 20 minutes just for you

How to create my “me time”?

– Put aside or silent your electronics devices – tv, mobile phone.
– Get a cozy place without distraction (can be at home or outside as long as you feel good)
– You can get up 15 minutes earlier than your usual
– If you don’t like complete silence, you can turn on some music
– You might also like to light some scented candles or prepare a cup of tea/coffee to create a nice ambiance

> Wake up 15 minutes earlier
> Get yourself a cup of beverage
> Light up a scented candle
> Start writing