Before we start, remember this acronym

J – Judgement Free
Write all your thought and feelings. You should not judge them. Journal is meant to be a private and safe space to express yourself

O – Observation
Observe the experience or situation as you write or read back on what you’ve written. This would show how you interpreted it

U – Understanding
Once you observe and recognize your reactions to certain experiences, you can get better understand your own thought and behavioural patterns

R – Revelation
By this time, you get to reveal more about yourself and discover your values (what is important to you), your dreams and desires are

N – Need Assessment
It would be easier for you to notice the problems and potential solution

A – Awareness
Aware that life is made up of more than a single event or experience and from there we learn on how to deal with it and move forward

L – Life
Journaling can show you that you can have a fulfilling life. Take a few minutes journaling a day can help alleviate stress and anxiety. This thus creates a clarity mind that is needed to develop positive steps forward.

The 5 steps to write journal

Another acronym

Step 1
W – What topic?

> How do you feel?
> What’s in your mind?
> What do you want?

Step 2
R – Review/ Reflect

You can start with:
. I think…
. I want…
. I feel…
. Today…

Step 3
I – Investigate

Investigate your thoughts and feeling.

Step 4
T – Time yourself

Put a 5 – 15 minute pomodoro just for journaling

Step 5
E – Exit

Re-reading what you’ve written
> What did you notice?
> What action steps to take?