Journaling is a form of expression through writing

Writing allows you to express yourself freely and authentically, enabling you to figure out why you’re feeling what you’re feeling and move beyond it. It enables you to use your journal as a therapeutic tool that heals, empowers, and, ultimately, nurtures personal growth and creative expression.

What do you need to get started?

15 minutes of your time
Paper and Pen
A comfortable place

What to write?

Anything that comes in your mind, where you would like to express, it can be:
– Your current feeling
– On a specific situation
– Happy moments

Why it is important to express it out?

By expressing our feeling through writing, we are able to:
– Free from emotions we bottled up
– Look beyond the matter
– Unbound by the sentiment we connect it with
– Gain clarity and understanding in a whole context

When is the best time to journal?

– Morning when we wake up
– Evening before we sleep
– Anytime you feel like it, there is no fixed rules or timing to journal