Declutter & Getting Organised


If we started feeling annoyed, agitated, angry for no reason when we are at our own sweet home….Ah ah! that is the time to look at the environment. It is clutter with stuffs or dusty or unorganised?

Managing Life Series today bring you to De-clutter and Getting Organized. The worksheet is a simple template (not prefect) but good enough to get you started.


Go to each room and evaluate what are the tools/equipment’s/items needed. Some samples written on the worksheet.

Prepare 5 different basket/boxes and tag them with:

  • Storage – season item to keep
  • Recycle – Battery kind of stuff
  • To fix/Mend – Cloth to sew/broken stuff to fix
  • Trash – Goodbye!
  • Donate – I love you but I needed to give you up for someone need you more.

Starting point – choose your starting point
At your starting point:
OPTION 1: Start with the most messy area
OPTION 2: Start from RIGHT to LEFT of the room (360′ declutter)

Remember to LABEL your boxes/storage box. Many of us, love to just chuck  everything in a box and wa la….store it up…years later, we don’t even remember what inside the box. So…..remember to label it. For more advance, take a picture, print it and stick it outside the box.

After everything….sit down and have a cup of tea.

*Please remember to donate/trash too – it is not for you to have 2nd look and keep it back.


This declutter & getting organised is not a 1 day complete task, it will take you days to do it, meanwhile…just enjoy the process.

Take a Moment goal is to help you connect with yourself and make self love a priority because YOU MATTER!

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