What makes you feel good?

Managing Life series today brought you “What makes you feel good? This worksheet is focus more on what activities that make you feel good instantly. Activities, hobbies, simple task that makes you feel good about yourself.

Examples are:
– Listening to music
– A short walk
– Shopping
– Manicure
– Massage
– Eating dessert
– Have a cup of tea
– Exercising

If you need more examples, feel free to scroll this website under “Self Love”, tons of ideas you may wanna include into your sheet.

List out or doodle (if you like to draw)

Once you are done with the exercise, put your page on place visible for your view everyday. This set as a reminder, living a simple life is the most fulfilling.

Take a Moment goal is to help you connect with yourself and make self love a priority because YOU MATTER!

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