How do you see yourself?

Seriously?! How do you see yourself? Perfectionist? Unlovable? Jealous? Demanding? Angry all the time? Guilty? No hope? Useless?

On the outside, we show the world how strong we are, how prefect we may be, how loving other see us. Inside us….only we ourselves know.

Today Managing Life series brought you this worksheet as to help you identify what have you been seeing and thinking internally.

The example is written on top of the worksheet, now your job is to notice the “voices” you been telling yourself and write it down on the sheet. This is not a solution worksheet, it is an awareness exercise meant to help you better understand about yourself.

I hope you enjoy this exercise and more to come on Managing Life Series.
Take a Moment goal is to help you connect with yourself and make self love a priority because YOU MATTER!


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