Responding to situation

Many times in our life, we are being throw into an unfamiliar, awkward, messed up situation. Do you flight or fight? How do you manage it?

Today managing life series worksheets are more on simulation exercise if you encounter such situation. What would be your first thought, what would you do and what choice would you choose?

Worksheet Instruction:
Take a moment to ponder if you face with such situation in the exercise, write down your response and from all the answer, you’ll roughly gauge you are a flight or fight mode. If your answer are mostly negative, think of a way to make it positive – negotiate with your inner self, what the best positive outcome you would like to suit your best interest.

I hope you enjoy this exercise and more to come on Managing Life Series.
Take a Moment to journal because YOU MATTER!

If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with mosquito
– Dalai Lama –

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